Creating the Munkudil Ecological Paradise

Munkudil Ayurveda Yoga Retreat is the creation of Mr. Jomy Thomas, a Canadian Citizen of Indian Origin. He is passionate about the environment and nature, as well as Ayurveda and Yoga. As a child he grew up just 15 kilometres from Munkudil, and so this place is very close to his heart.

Nature gives everything we need, free of charge. We all get it in the form of pure water, air, food, shade, energy, shelter. The biggest need of this present time is to live in tune with nature and to wisely utilise all of the blessings and resources she provides. Jomy explains that exploiting nature for so-called development and progress is the most disastrous and unfortunate plan by politicians in India. Some serious consideration is required when other parts of the world promote only sustainable development strategies. The consumerist culture, modern education, modern health treatment systems can guide people into ways of thinking and living that are not in tune with the natural environment and so not properly aligned with the body and mind. Munkudil is a perfect example of how this can begin to change, by demonstrating how to tap into free natural resources, using them wisely without wastage or too much storage.

“A theme was made based on the thinking that on this dying planet, there is life only in green. If there is a bright future to the planet, that will also be a green one”. Being green is the first step. So, all working at Munkudil are given awareness of the environmental agenda and every possible effort is being made to keep this theme alive.

Some if the very special environmental features at Munkudil include:

We have a true breed local Indian Kasargod dwarf cow family. Local Indian cows have lots of specialities compared to other cow varieties. The cow dung and urine can be derived into many cleaning and fertiliser products. These cows are now becoming more rare. One cow and the products derived from it is enough to cultivate more than 10 acres of agriculture land. Its milk and milk products rare also used in Pooja for the temple and in Ayurveda medicine preparations for thousands of years in India.

We have a large aquarium and aquaponic cultivation. This is a form of agriculture that combines raising fish in tanks with soilless plant culture. The nutrient-rich water from raising fish provides a natural fertiliser for the plants and the plants help to purify the water for the fish.

We have Indian hive bees and stingless bees. We use the pure, super nutritious food from the forest here. We use their honey in our medicines. Our medicinal plant garden surrounds the house and is also used for making medicines. Polytunnels are used for cultivation of plants and for raising young plants.

Our swimming pool is unique in many senses. The water we use is spring water that’s collected in the well, The filtration we developed uses sand, charcoal and two additional medicinal herbs for the purpose. They filter and purify the water, they also boost additional minerals and help to cool it.

The land here is rich in earth worms and other micro organisms, and the land is kept organic. Lots of rare medicinal plants are planted to give a better energy level to Munkudil. There are also special plants maintained here for butterflies, bees and so on.

We use a clay fridge to keep fruits and vegetables fresh naturally. We also have a clay air conditioning system . This is the first time this has been used in Kerala or even in India.

Our water comes from two wells in the forest and is completely natural. One well is attached attached to the kitchen in the traditional way and it’s not motorised. We use the water from this well for cooking purposes. The other one is for the swimming pool and irrigation purposes

The air quality here is excellent as there is very little traffic and the forest is efficiently absorbs whatever carbon emission there is. This is also a mosquito free area, which is very rare in Ernakulam district.

We have our own solar power and hot water system which ensures that there is a constant power supply to the building. We use bio gas for kitchen fuel.

Energy can’t be created or destroyed. Conversion of energy goes from one form to another and its proper usage for nature conservation is essential. At Munkudil we use free resources from nature without exploiting nature.

Jomy is 48 years old and currently settled in the UK with his family. His wife is Sigi Jomy, who is a Nursing coordinator in the National Health Service there. His daughter Amrutha Jomy is in her second year of University studies in London this year.

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