Exciting Activities at Munkudil

We know that your times with your loved ones are the most precious. We want to you to make the most cherished memories at Munkudil, the Yoga retreat venue hire in India and hence, we bring you some of the most exciting activities to explore while you are staying with us.

Our Core Activities

Unique Experience Offerings

Bird Watching

Whether you are at Munkudil for a Yoga-Ayurvedic retreat or for enjoying a quiet timeout with family and friends, we can take you on short trips to Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary.

 There you can explore some of the rarest and most beautiful birds that come here, thanks to the vibrant ecosystem. We also undertake extensive birding expeditions for the serious birdwatchers.


We have our own Kadavu or Boat Jetty at Munkudil to take our guests on boating tours.

You can enjoy a safe and exciting tour to explore the local and migratory birds that come for fishing in the river beside Munkudil and the wildlife that comes out often to drink water.

Jeep Safari

Explore the nearby tribal villages through the forest area on a 4X4 jeep. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to see some amazing wildlife on the way as well.

Cultural / Heritage Trips

Kerala has a rich culture in terms of performing art, looms and artefacts. If you are an enthusiast, we can arrange cultural and heritage trips to some nearby locations where you can understand Kerala better.

We can make arrangements for you watch authentic performances of Kathakali, Mohiniyattom, Ottanthullal etc by renowned artists and visit some of the heritage spots nearby.


Cookery Class

Learn the nuances of traditional Kerala cuisine from the experts. At Munkudil, we use organic flour and spices grown at our premises.

Get copies of the recipe to take home and you’ll forever cherish these learnings and remember us every time someone appreciates your Kerala dishes.

Sightseeing Day Trips

Kerala is a blessed land with beauty all around. Beaches, mountains, backwaters, waterfalls, farmlands, cityscapes and what not! Cherai beach, Fort Kochi, and Athirappally waterfalls are a few hours’ drive from here.

We can take you on to the famed Munnar hill station or short trips near Munkudil to explore Kerala’s most beautiful places.



We can arrange guide-assisted kayaking expeditions. Kayaking at Thattekkad takes you on a route along the famous Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, down the Periyar River towards the lowland forests of Thattekkad.

Explore the bio-diversity within these forests and kayaking to the upstream villages to get a first-hand glimpse of authentic Kerala village life and farming.


Explore the countryside and the beauty of Kerala’s farmlands on a cycle from Munkudil. Go on short trips around Munkudil or opt for a full-day cycling expedition to BhoothathanKettu Dam through the surrounding forest area.

Our team can make the necessary arrangements including a rented cycle that suits your needs.


If your health permits, we can make necessary arrangements for trekking in the hills nearby. Our team has the expertise to guide you through the trip ensuring your safety.

Our local guides will make sure that you don’t miss the most amazing sights and experiences during your trek.

Nature Photography Tours

Munkudil is located amidst a beautiful landscape. The river, mountains and lush forest nearby make our landscape the perfect spot for photography enthusiasts.

You can discuss your interests with our team so that we can make the best arrangements for you to explore nature photography like never before.


You can enjoy fishing from our Kadavu or from a boat using rods. For those not on Ayurvedic retreats, we can make arrangements to cook and serve your fresh catch as well.

Live Performance

Team Munkudil happily Introducing ‘Ottan Thullal’ live performance for groups who are booking through our venue hire program. This is just one among a big list that we are planning to deliver such as Kathakali, Mohiniyattam, Bharatanatyam, Kalaripayattu, Koothu, Theyyam, Sopana Sangeetham…etc. The artist posted here is Maruthorvattom Kannan who has staged more than 8000 shows worldwide including in London and Dubai. He is our close friend, a well-wisher and we are so happy to arrange his performance live for our guests. Sounds exciting? If any groups who have booked already or who are planning to book please get in touch with us so that we could share the details and the rates to experience his performance live at Munkudil.

We used to take people to different centers for cultural shows before, but as we are growing we thought its better to deliver these cultural activities onsite, so that our guests could save time, focus more on their retreat and also make their trip more memorable. The new team at Munkudil clearly understands what a group is expecting from a country like India and we are putting all efforts day by day to provide our guests the best experience ever.

The possibilities are infinite at Munkudil and we want you to have the most cherished times with us. Munkudil is also the Yoga retreat venue hire in India. Let us know your interests and our team can come up with an amazing activity list specially charted for you. Get in touch with team Munkudil.

Disclaimer Please note that all activities/ trips are not available round the year. Please contact us prior to booking to confirm whether a specific service is available or not.