Munkudil was made with over 12 years of research and effort by a group of passionate people who wanted to showcase the rich culture and tradition of Kerala in its true form. Much effort has been taken to keep everything eco-friendly.

Everything used to create Munkudil is based on the Panchabhutas or the Five Elements of Life. Most of our artworks are made of Clay, Stone, Metal, Wood, Coir, Bamboo, Jute etc.

Munkudil Yoga and Ayurveda Resorts near Kochi is an incredibly stunning eco-friendly location for traditional yoga retreats and ayurvedic treatments.

The Lady In Meditation

Work by Mr. Sivan Odakkali

During the construction period, an artist team stayed more than a year in Munkudil for their handmade creations and we have a story behind every artwork that’s being created.It’s been many years since this wonderful lady started her meditation at Munkudil. Looks like the green lush, singing birds, flowing river, still mountains, and the soothing medicinal herbs around, took her into the deeper stages of meditation and rejuvenation. As she is not aware of what’s going on outside, in 2016, we made a green shelter for her so that she is protected from wind, rain and scorching sun.

The 8 Limbs Of Yoga

This wonderful piece of art is made using different metals like copper, brass and iron. It indicates the rich traditional approach of Yoga in India. It is based on Yoga Sutras by Pathanjali, one of the complete textbooks with a total description of Yoga. It is considered as the most standardised teaching of Yoga in sutra form.

There are 8 Limbs/Branches or Angas that Pathanjali suggests in Yoga sutras, such as Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi.

In order to reach the final Angas, like Samadhi we need to have a strong base on Yama and Niyamas which are the foundation stones of Yoga. At our Yogashala, (Yoga Studio) our Yoga gurus will take you through this meticulous journey if you wish to take a step-by-step journey to the Yogic way of living.

Ayurveda Surgeon Sushruta

By artist Sajeesh Kunjappan

This piece of work is quite recent, made entirely using 4.5 kg of brass and 2.5 kg of copper. It is a masterpiece displayed in our Ayurvedic therapy rooms. It demonstrates what is believed to be the very first cataract surgery done in 600 BC by Ayurveda acharya Sushrutha.

Inspired by a speech by Ayurveda consultant NirmalanandaGiri Swamiji, Mr Sajeesh crafted this beautiful creation which even showcases few instruments used by Sushrutha.

Our amenities and services make the “Munkudil Yoga and Ayurveda Resort” one of the best ayurvedic resorts in Kerala.


A group of artists stayed in the property for over a year during the construction period to create the artefacts installed at Munkudil. The team was led by artist Mr Lenin C P

Mr Lenin is currently the Design Head of Uravu Indigenous Science and Technology Study Centre, Wayanad and was honoured by the Government of India for his Work Excellence in Traditional Organic Mediums. We also thank artists Mr V K Jayan, Sucheendran, Subhash K K, Sajeesh Kunjappan, Sivan, Renju and every artist who have contributed passionately towards making Munkudil an eco-friendly Art Gallery.


Work by artist Mr Lenin

This unique representation of life goes on indicates how nature balances and recreates itself. What’s dead today decays and becomes food to the next generation. Artist Lenin has crafted this beautiful creation which has such deep meaning. This is definitely one of our most precious artefacts of the gallery. The dead and decaying plants and other lives gives life to mushrooms and insects that bloom to become the next generation of the ecosystem. It’s a never-ending cycle that keeps nature alive and refreshed.

Two important principles indicated here are:

  •  Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it changes from one form to other.
  • Nothing goes useless in this world; what might be worthless to you is someone’s treasure.

Lotus Leaves In Pond 2D

Work by artist Mr Lenin and Sivan

Lotus represents strength, purity and resilience. It blooms into a beautiful flower spreading energy and happiness, despite growing in murky waters. Artists Lenin and Sivan spent 14 full daysfor this work.

It spans about 32 sq. ft. single sheet of wood, hand carved and hand painted by the gifted artists. The colour blue represents space or sky, one of the elements of Panchabhuta which has been the base of Munkudil.

Tat Twam Asi

Crafted by Mr Sucheendran

Tat Twam Asi is a Sanskrit phrase taken from Chandogya Upanishad, one of the Mahavakyas in Vedanta Sanatana Dharma. It means You Are That. It is a reflection of what you are. At Munkudil, Artist Sucheendran crafted this mirror that welcomes everyone who visits Munkudil. Made out of Clay and a Mirror, Tat Twam Asi showcases one of India’s ancient philosophies.

There’s a deeper meaning to this mirror. It is a reflection, the answer to your quests for God, spirituality, self-knowledge and inner-peace. The deeper you reach within self you’ll realize that God or the ultimate power is within You, or it’s just You.

It’s like the musk-deer that’s searching for the fragrance it is emanating. It never realizes that the source of the fragrance is within. Similarly, Tat Twam Asi unravels the reason for all your happiness and miseries that can only be you. Deep meditation practices to the inner self will make one realise, You are that!

You can explore thisphilosophy much deeper at Munkudil Ayurveda Yoga Retreat.

Five Koshas (Cells)

Work in Jute and Bamboo by Mr Subhash K.K

This piece of art takes an inspiring journey though the five Koshas (cells) that can reveal our true self.

The Yogi

Work by artist Mr Lenin

This central artwork in the Yoga Studio is made up of MicheliaChampaka wood. Its flowers have an excitingly luxurious fragrance and its essential oil is extensively used in aromatherapy. The flowers and stem bark of Michelia Champaka are also useful in treatments of diabetes, quick wound healing, cardiac disorders, gout etc.

For polishing, we have used organic Linseed oil, to reduce chemical emission to the surroundings. We have also used 24-hour oxygen releasing plant collection, in the yoga studio to boost the air quality.

7 Chakras

By Sajeesh Kunjappan

This is a unique artefact made by Sajeesh Kunjappan to showcase the 7 chakras of human body. Chakras are the energy centres of the body. They are located in the astral body, along the spine, starting at its base and running upwards to the crown of the head. It is believed that human body is made of 7 chakras which can be balanced with Yoga and lifestyle changes.

Each chakra relates to specific spiritual, emotional, psychological, and physical aspects of our being. It is believed that their blockage or malfunction can lead to physical, psychological, and emotional disorders.

Through Yogic practice, you can stimulate and balance these chakras or energy centres in the body. At Munkudil, you can help you to experience this and take back the learnings with you to lead a balanced life for the rest of your life.

The 7 Chakras are made with Copper, Iron, Brass and Coir on a Charcoal base.


Made by Mr V K Jayan

We have a Clay Post box, Clay Fridge, Clay Air Conditioning system and Clay Waste Management System as our integral parts keeping the earth and our guests cool and comfortable.
Artist Jayan and his team were very much a part of Munkudil during the 12 years of its evolution, and they crafted 90% of Munkudil’s potteries with top-most quality and care. Around 750 kilograms of clay was used to make the waste management system and for the Clay A/c, our potters used close to 300 kilograms of clay.

While designing every product we think about factors like emissions, max life span and use 100% biodegradable or recyclable materials, so that nothing reaches the landfill once decommissioned. While these potteries are a part of our conveniences, they are so unique, guests consider them a part of our art gallery.

Paintings, Installations and Quote Boards

By various artists

We have installed many intriguing paintings of Buddha, Yoga, Ayurveda and life inspired by our ancient scriptures at many places inside Munkudil. You’ll find quite a few interesting and motivational quotes at different places in and around Munkudil.

Munkudil has very earthy elements and was crafted meticulously by a group of artists working together, who have mostly stayed over at our property and completed the installations. The above-mentioned are only some of the artefacts at Munkudil.

Every nook and corner here is a piece of art and the entire retreat centre is nothing short of an exquisite art gallery. If you are an art enthusiast, that’s reason good enough to visit Munkudil and explore these creations.