Munkudil Atmosphere

Munkudil is one of the Best ayurvedic retreat in Kerala, near Cochin. At Munkudil, we have 7 beautiful rooms, all slightly different from each other and having a beautiful connect with nature. All our rooms except the treehouse have a panoramic mountain and river-view.

Munkudil the Best ayurvedic retreat in Kerala  entire architecture is eco-friendly and we have tried to incorporate the Pancha Bhootha or the 5 basic elements of nature, earth, water, fire, air, and space, in every room. Our rooms are named after the most popular flowers in Kerala.

DisclaimerWhile we strive to ensure that you get the room you asked for, due to online/offline bookings, the final allotment may be at the discretion of Munkudi’s Management based on availability.

01. Thulasi (Exotica River Edge 01)

This room is on the first floor of Munkudil. Thulasi is the sacred basil which is grown for religious reasons at Hindu households across India and has many medicinal properties as well.
At Munkudil, our entire first floor is made of natural red stones from Kannur, one of the northern districts in Kerala. Red stones have been an integral part of Kerala’s traditional architecture. The lintels and arches are made by the skilled artisans from Kannur who stayed back here for months together bringing back Kerala’s glorious traditional architecture to life.
The load-bearing technology was shaped up from these natural stones that brings out a unique beauty and look to the construction.
Watch out for the lotus pond artwork by the famous artist Lenin C P. It took him over 20 days to carve out a large single piece of wood into this beauty on site.

1st Floor Room
Double Occupancy

02. Mulla (Exotica River Edge 02)

This is our middle room on the first floor. Mulla or Jasmine as it is popularly known, is a must-have for most of the Indian women to adorn their hair.  This room has a special palmwood flooring that we bought from Palakkad. Palmwood is a very healthy material traditionally used for flooring. It Keeps the floor warm and comfortable for your feet.
This room also has ensuite bathroom and spectacular river views and a scenic balcony. Don’t miss the mud-clock made exclusively by our artists.

1st Floor Room
Double Occupancy

03. Mandaram (Exotica River Edge 03)

You’ll find this as the most colourful room on the first floor of Munkudil. Mandaram or the white orchid-tree, though a non-native, is a white flower commonly found across Kerala. The open toilet facing the river makes it the most desirable for honeymoon couples. This room also has a beautifully crafted clay clock.

1st Floor Room
Double Occupancy

04. Thumba (Patio Panoramic 01)

We call this room Thumba which is a white delicate flower (Ceylon Slitwort) that is popularly used for the flower carpet during Onam festival.
The room is on the ground floor. It has an attached bathroom and a spectacular view of the river and mountains from the balcony. The room is made completely of 100% green materials. The mud taken from the same land has been used on the floor and walls on this room.
This double-occupancy bedroom is air-conditioned and has an enchanting hand-made artwork of 7 chakras made with copper and brass on a charcoal base.

Ground Floor Room
Double Occupancy

05. Chembakam (Patio Panoramic 02)

This room is also on the ground floor and comes with an attached bathroom. The thick mud walls offer high natural cooling. We call this room Chembakam (Magnolia Champaca) which is an aromatic yellow/white flower commonly found in Kerala’s households.
This room is especially decorated with a large oil-painting of Buddha on Meditation. Even though we have an air-conditioner fixed, the thick mud walls keep the rooms cool during summer months and also keep the room warm during the monsoon and winter season.
The room also has wheel chair access and a spectacular view of the river and mountains from the balcony.

Ground Floor Room
Double Occupancy

06. Vriksha (Treehouse)

Our Treehouse is the perfect hangout for solo travellers or honeymoon couples. It’s a single room placed between two big trees, facing the zen garden. The view from the treehouse is excellent, the zen garden on one side adds energy and the balcony gives awesome views of the wildlife and nature. The treehouse is decorated with artefacts from across the world collected by our founder Jomy during his travels. The treehouse also has an ensuite bathroom.

* Tree house is primarily for solo travellers/single occupancy, can be given to honeymoon couples if needed.

Premium Room
Double Occupancy*

07. Vanshah (Birdwatching Bamboo Hut/Cottage)

One of the main attractions of Munkudil is birdwatching. Apart from the fruit-bearing trees and plants we have planted here since we started our construction, our neighbourhood is the perfect place for bird-lovers. Munkudil is located near the famous Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary at Thattekkad, Kochi.
Our bird-watching bamboo cottage is a special room on top of the building, offering complete detachment from other rooms. It offers excellent view and cover at the same time, letting you explore the wild without disturbing nature. It’s the perfect place to indulge in soulful reading as well.
This room has a clay air-conditioner we invented. It works in 12 DC voltage and has no emissions. This room also has an ensuite bathroom.
The climbers planted around the cottage keeps the entire building cool. The panoramic mountain and river views also offer an excellent view of the wildlife in their natural habitat.


Premium Room
Double Occupancy

Munkudil has its own Kadavu (boat jetty) which is another unique feature. Our wild life sightseeing and photography boating trips start right from here. All these features and amenities make Munkudil one of the best Resorts near Cochin.

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