Zen Garden

Munkudil, the Best yoga resorts in Kerala is a unique amalgamation of culture, art and architecture deeply inspired by Yoga and Ayurveda. We have spent more than a decade planning and creating the artistic elements you’ll find here. Everything about Munkudil is green and eco-friendly and blends beautifully with the lush nature around it.

Zen Garden

The concept of Zen Garden comes from Japan and it’s widely used by Japanese Monks for meditation purpose. It is believed that rocks and the rock bed used here reflects energy in the daytime especially when there’s sunlight. A hut is made in the middle and person sitting there gets a reflection of the stored energy even after sunset.

Artist Lenin created an artwork of Buddha on a 2500 kg, 10 ft tall single piece of rock which is the central attraction of the Zen Garden.

We have made this Zen Garden at Munkudil:

  • for guests practicing yoga and meditation
  • for artists to boost their imaginations
  • for better focus on reading and reference
  • to relax after a river or pool bath
  • to add beauty to the landscape giving it a different feel everyday by changing the drawings

The Wheel

The wheel or the chakra that keeps Munkudil rolling is what you may notice first as you step into our premises. It is entirely made of wood and stands tall and proud showcasing the essence of Munkudil – green living. The name Munkudil Retreat and Art Gallery is carved on top of the wooden wheel.

The Gate

The design of our front gate is nothing but our logo. The whole gate is a Metal Art Work done by Mr Anoop, another talented artist.