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  • Thattekad, Kochi,Kerala
  • Inspiring you to live a healthier lifestyle.

    a ‘GREEN dream’

    “Power packed luxurious green features are demonstrated everywhere,
    in these 30 cents of premium land, without wasting an inch of space”
  • Inspiring you to live a healthier lifestyle.


    There is no other place to realign yourself with nature, arouse the healer within and starts
    a life in complete harmony with environment.
  • Inspiring you to live a healthier lifestyle.


    We consciously stick on to nature with mind and body to provide you pure aloof life.

Why Choose munkudil?

Munkudil is a speciality natural luxury in the midst of thick forest, mountains and rivers. It’s constructed in Thattekkadu Salim Ali bird sanctuary area surrounded by rich flora and fauna.

Ayurvedic Spa

the relationship between the mind and body is complex.

Local Indian Cow Family

which is the starting point of our green theme.

Zen Garden

to provide that artistic feel to the property and for meditation.

Bird Watching Cottage

made with elephant bamboo from Wayanad. Its on four floor heights and facing the river.

Tree House

which gives a feel of height and a bit of detachment.

Swimming Pool

with mineral well water and ‘charcoal-sand filtration’.

A unique green architecture made

by Mr. Jomy Thomas,who is a Canadian Citizen, and is of Indian Origin. He is 47 years old and currently settled in UK with his family. His wife is Sigi Jomy, who is a Nursing coordinator in National Health Service there. His daughter Amrutha Jomy is looking into University studies in London this year.
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Customers who felt their soul




Years of planning

“ Watch our video to get a sneak peak of what experiance you get at munkudil “
  • Enjoy the little Things

    “It’s the concentration into small things that makes a big difference in any meaningful creations. Also, great things are done only when series of small things are brought together…”

  • THE WHOLE WORLD IS THINKING GREEN now; the question is do we…?

    Munkudil may be a small creation, but if someone when looking into small - precise details there is a lot, lot into it…not by size, but by depth.

  • Healthy Living Practised

    All are live examples and are important measures that needs to be taken into consideration, if life has to remain in this planet a bit more time.


Energy can’t be created or destroyed.

Conversion of energy from one form to another and its proper usage for nature conservation is discussed.

Stuff from nature

can be tapped and wisely used without exploiting nature is discussed.

Expansion Dream

expansion to this theme in the mind which was to buy 3 more acres of land in the nearby forest area. Then create another heavenly place with zero intake from market or outside, a self-sustaining one.

Sick building syndrome (SBS)

Proper air circulation, ventillation, natural lighting and chemical free premises all contribute in keeping Munkudil away from SBS.

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The property looks just like an art gallery from inside out to outside in. An artist team stayed here for one year and used variety of organic mediums for these unique creations.