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Munkudil one of the Best ayurvedic resorts in Kochi , is a unique amalgamation of culture, art, and architecture deeply inspired by Yoga and Ayurveda. We have spent more than a decade planning and creating the artistic elements you’ll find here. Everything about Munkudil is green and eco-friendly and blends beautifully with the lush nature around it.

About Us

An Experience to Cherish – Best ayurvedic resorts in Kochi!

Whether you are a nature-lover or an adventure enthusiast, you’ll fall in love with Munkudil the moment you walk into our property.

The panoramic view of mountains, the river and the lush natural forest creates a beautiful backdrop on the outside.

The Zen Garden, herbs, trees, the architecture, our Yogashala, and every element that makes up Munkudil is carefully crafted to create a peaceful and pleasant ambience here.

We won’t be surprised if you compare our property to an aesthetically crafted art gallery!

Our years of hard work turned fruitful when our guests and many organizations started awarding us with praise and recognition.

We are now Kerala’s award-winning eco-friendly Yoga and Ayurveda retreat that offers complete peace of mind.

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The Story

The Making of Munkudil

Munkudil means a hut made of clay or earth – Best ayurvedic resorts in Kochi , Kerala.

It is a dream project of our creator and founder Mr Jomy Thomas who wanted to craft a unique and eco-friendly abode where people can peacefully practice Yoga and benefit from Ayurveda being one with nature.

Even though the construction started way back in 2005, it was only around 2017 that the property took shape as per Jomy’s concept.

He wanted to make sure that everything about Munkudil was earthy and eco-friendly.

He meticulously found a team to create the clay fridge, air conditioner and letterbox.

The wooden architecture and artefacts were crafted by a team of native artists and depict a unique mix of intricate ancient elements from our rich culture, nature, Yoga and Ayurveda.

The Man Behind

A Jomy Thomas Dream

Jomy Thomas, the creator and founder of Munkudil Ayur and Yoga Resort, hails from a middle-class family in southern Kerala.

Jomy completed Electronic Engineering in India, Power Engineering in Canada and received professional training in Electrics and gas trades from the UK and currently working as a dual fuel smart metering engineer there.

His passion for Nature and Naturopathic sciences since childhood motivated him to take up a part-time diploma in Naturopathy and Yogic sciences.

He has attended many nature and health-oriented programs thanks to his personal interest. While learning all of these, he dreamed of creating a natural shelter on earth with all of the gifts of nature, which has now come true as Munkudil.

The construction of Munkudil started in 2005.

Jomy was in Canada at that time and travelled many times to discuss various green aspects of the building with experts in India.

There was a lot of effort, pain and patience involved in creating each of the features which were so lovingly handmade on site. Adding the green ideas to make a full theme was a time-consuming task, so the construction got completed in 2017.

Ever since we opened up to our guests, we have been receiving rave reviews for the artistically crafted Munkudil from our visitors from far across the world.

The awards we received add more happiness and confidence to our efforts.

Munkudil has been my dream from the time I saw the place during one of my visits from Canada where I stayed back then. The journey ever since has been tedious but quite endearing as I wanted to create a space that was genuinely close to nature in every sense. I have personal experience of healing through Yoga and Ayurveda and I wanted more people to realize and benefit from it. My team at Munkudil takes good care of every guest who reaches out to us and visits for a retreat. We ensure personalized care because that’s a part of our culture. Aditi Devo Bhava!

– Jomy Thomas, Creator & Founder, Munkudil

Awards & Recognitions


Mathrubhumi Mastercraft – One of the top 12 finalists from among 1000 entries.


Bookretreats.com – Top 10 in World’s Best Retreats for two consecutive years.