Dental, Vision, Skin and Hair care.

As one of the Best wellness resorts in Kerala, at Munkudil, our priority is always to ensure your wellness. We offer Yoga and Ayurveda retreat packages for individuals and groups. We also have special packages for those on family holidays, workcations and honeymoon.

Our Packages

Taking Care of you holistically

We the Best wellness resorts in Kerala take good care of our guests whether they come to us for holidays, yoga retreats or Ayurveda treatments. At Munkudil, we believe that our guests’ time is very precious and we want them to make the most of their precious time.

Our founder Mr Jomy Thomas is a Canadian citizen and currently a resident of UK and we clearly know the high cost of dental and vision appointments in Western countries. That’s why we arrange the best of dental and eye care in collaboration with the best dental clinics and eye clinics in Kochi or Thrissur according to our guests’ requirements.

If you are in need of a dentist or optician’s consultation you could combine it along with the retreat you are booking with us. You will get the appointment faster and at very affordable rates.
The dental and vision treatments in India are so cost effective that the savings from the cost difference could be enough to even cover the cost of your entire yoga retreat, if you are lucky!

1. Dental and Vision Arrangements
At Munkudil, you get the best of all worlds!

• Dental consultation and treatment on demand
• Optical consultation and treatment on demand
• Stay at award-winning, Kerala heritage-themed eco-friendly resort
• Daily Yoga sessions
• Ayurveda treatment (after consultation with our doctor)
• Freshly made traditional Kerala vegetarian food
• Optional nature tours and activities

We recommend that you discuss your existing dental and vision problems and needs with us first so that we can get you prior appointments and you can make the most of your time at Munkudil.

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2. Beauty Treatments – Skin Care

We have a certified in-house beautician who is available for all kinds of skin treatments while you are at Munkudil. Our Ayurveda doctor and the beautician can come up with special treatment packages that will leave your skin baby-soft and healthy for a long-term basis. Our Ayurvedic spa will also leave your body and soul rejuvenated.

• On-demand beautician for consultation and treatments for specific skin concerns
• Herbal ingredients used for sensitive skin ensuring amazing noticeable results
• Available for daily consultation to discuss progress and continuous treatment during your stay
Services Available
• Applying makeup, performing facials, and recommending skin care therapies.
• Performing manicures and pedicures, nail art, and colour recommendations.
• Performing temporary hair removal treatments.

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3. Beauty Treatments – Hair Care

Our hair care specialist at Munkudil, along with the Ayurveda doctor can offer you magical hair treatment that will not only cure your dry and damaged hair, but also will help stimulate hair regrowth. For special hair-care treatments at Munkudil, please mention this during your enquiry.
• Free consultations to discuss and develop personalised plan for treatment

• Hair treatments with experienced aesthetician for hair problems such as pre mature greying of hair and hair fall
• Organic recipes with no hidden side effects and maximum outcome
Services Available
• Hair cutting, styling, as well as massaging and treating scalps.

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Other Services Available

• Tailoring Services
• Munnar Hill Station Trip
• Cherai Beach Trip
• Athirappilly Waterfalls Trip
• Kodanad Elephant Training Centre Trip
• Kathakali and other Cultural/Heritage show trips

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DisclaimerPlease note that the onsite beauty treatments are not available round the year. Please contact us prior to booking to confirm whether a specific service is available or not.