Do your body and mind feel acute pressure? Do you badly long to unwind from the stress? Are you planning for a short hang-out with friends/family this weekend, to the best day-out destinations near Kochi?

How about making it a healthy one? Yes, a different weekend outing in Kerala, exploring the depths of Ayurveda treatments that promise holistic healing, and a cure of mind, body, and soul! 

Authentic Yoga and Ayurveda retreats offer immense benefits, the best of which is that it teaches you to live a better life or to improve the quality of your life. Improving the longevity of your best spirits is the life-long benefit you reap from authentic Ayurveda retreats! To keep the holiday spirits high in combination with the best of Ayurveda, many resorts near Kochi present authentic Ayurveda and Yoga retreat packages.

Resorts in Thattekkad confer picturesque settings to make you feel like in the lap of nature, away from all the everyday hullaballoo and monotonous routine. When we subconsciously follow a stressful lifestyle along with tempting fast food, it ends up in a shorter span of life.

Ayurveda and yoga retreats help you correct your lifestyle and live a happy, contented, and composed life. Ayurveda resorts in Kerala are one of the top day-out destinations near Kochi to spend a weekend with family and friends to make yourself feel lighter and relaxed. 

Best Day out destinations near Kochi

Besides the authentic Ayurveda and Yoga Retreats, the green architecture and the location of traditional Ayurveda resorts in Kerala will gradually make you seep into the green culture of God’s own country. They are up with a carefully planned ecosystem rather than just a locality with a few customized rooms. 

Munkudil, a traditional Ayurvedic Resort in Kerala, highlights itself from other Ayurvedic resorts due to the care element associated with every intricate detail. Nature walks, wildlife photography, bird watching, lush greenery, kayaking, boating, glittering night sky, and many more elevate the resort to a higher standard than a traditional Ayurveda Resort in Kerala. 

You have the privilege to personalize your stay at Munkudil Ayurveda Resort. Besides customizing the rooms and itineraries, the service desk is open to personalized Ayurvedic treatments ensuring the best results. Stay healthy and youthful enjoying the traditional vegetarian delicacies from the handpicked culinary team!

Best Day out destinations near Kochi
Best Day out destinations near Kochi

The scenic banks of river Kuttambuza near Thattekkad bird sanctuary will be an exquisite experience for a day out in Kochi. The fish pedicure, boat jetty at the resort, riverside balconies, and river-facing restaurant ensure an exciting weekend within the campus. The bee colonies, clay fridge, clay air conditioning system, and green waste management system are the unique features of the resort that make it a dream staycation rather than just an Ayurvedic resort in Kerala.

Munkudil is the best platform to plan a day out near Kochi in Kerala. Munkudil will help you find great vacation ideas, go on weekend getaways, family road trips, and tours near Kochi in Kerala. Other attractions: The tree house, swimming pool, cow farm, zen garden, and bird-watching cottages.